Internal Pressurization Kit | Water Bath Bubble Leak Test (for ASTM F2096)

The Optional Internal Pressurization Kit allows precise detection of leaks in packaging by injecting compressed air, ideal for tests that visually identify leaks. Including a needle kit, sealing pads and a pressure regulator, it is essential for guaranteeing packaging integrity, especially for the pharmaceutical and food sectors.

Explore DVACI at Booth C256 – Hispack 2024 📦 in Barcelona

Crafting Tomorrow's Packaging Today: DVACI's Presence at Hispack 2024 / Booth C256 Hall 3 🌐 🇪🇸  Introduction 🚀 For 4 days, thousands of packaging professionals and exhibitors gather, making us their meeting point, a privileged showcase to discover the solutions and trends shaping the industry. Hispack, held from May 7-10, 2024, in Barcelona, is a event that brings together industry professionals and exhibitors from around the world. 🌐✨ Find Us Hermetic Excellence Unveiled: DVACI Vacuum Chambers [...]

Innovate and Collaborate: Visit Our Booth 1736 at Expo Manufactura | January 30,31 – February 1, 2024 | Monterey N.L

Innovate with Confidence: DVACI Vacuum Chambers Unveiled at Expo Manufactura 🌐 ⚙️ Introduction 🚀 Exciting News! We're gearing up for Expo Manufactura 2024 at Cintermex, Monterrey, México, happening from January 30 to February 1. Dive into innovation with us at Booth 1736, where we'll introduce our groundbreaking DVACI Vacuum Chamber. Redefine your approach to product manufacturing integrity with us! 🌐✨ Hermetic Excellence Unveiled: DVACI Vacuum Chambers Redefine Product Manufacturing Integrity Across Industries In the era of critical hermetic seals, [...]

You can Purchase Now Our Products with Credit Cards 💳 ✨

🚀  You Can Now Purchase Our Products with Credit Cards  💳 ✨ Introduction In our business, we provide our customers with the convenience of 💳 paying with credit cards, which streamlines their transactions. We accept a variety of payment methods, including American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Stripe.  👇 Once you've approved your budget, you are just three steps away from purchasing our product: We'll send you a secure link containing the total cost of your selected product. Click the link to initiate the purchasing [...]

Expo Analitica Latin America from 26 to 28 September 2023 | Exhibitor Booth D002 | São Paulo , Brazil

Analitica Latin America 2023: The Epicenter of Analytical Chemistry Innovation 🌐🔬 Introduction Join us from September 26th to 28th at the Analitica Latin America event in São Paulo, Brazil, where we'll be at Booth D002. Discover how we're revolutionizing packaging safety with our CDV Vacuum Chamber technology. We'll showcase how our innovative solutions are setting new standards in hermeticity testing, ensuring the quality and safety of products in various industries. Don't miss this opportunity to connect, learn, and witness the future of analytical chemistry [...]

The Food Tech Summit&Expo from 27 to 28 September 2023 | Exhibitor Booth 2828 | Ciudad de México

🌮 Revolutionizing Food Packaging Safety: CDV Vacuum Chamber at The Food Tech Summit&Expo 2023 🚀 Introduction The Food Tech Summit&Expo is a prestigious event that brings together professionals, experts, and companies from the food industry. This year, from September 27 to 28, the city of Ciudad de México, México, will host this exciting gathering of innovators, and we are thrilled to announce our participation at booth 2828. As a leading provider of advanced packaging leak testing solutions, we will showcase our cutting-edge CDV Vacuum [...]

FCE Pharma from 13 to 15 June 2023 | Exhibitor Booth C098 | São Paulo – Brazil

DVACI's Noteworthy Participation at FCE Pharma 2023: Showcasing CDV Vacuum Chambers at Lobov Científica's Booth Introduction and Event Participation Greetings from São Paulo, Brazil! We at DVACI are thrilled to share the news of our participation at FCE Pharma, one of the largest and most influential trade shows for the pharmaceutical industry. From 13th to 15th June 2023, we invite you to join us at this exciting event, where we are proudly represented by our partner, Lobov Científica, at booth C098. FCE Pharma serves [...]

ASTM D6653 for Product Packaging Integrity Testing during Transportation in Altitude

Maximizing Product Safety During Transportation: An Insight into the ASTM D6653 Test Method ASTM D6653: A Closer Look The ASTM D6653 is a rigorous test method that assesses potential risks of leaks, damage, or deformation that a product might encounter during transportation due to changing atmospheric pressures. For example, when products travel from a higher to a lower atmospheric pressure, the changes in pressure can put stress on the packaging. If the packaging cannot withstand this stress, it can lead to product damage or [...]

ASTM D4991: Ensuring Rigid Container Integrity for Safe and Secure Transportation

ASTM D4991 Explained: A Comprehensive Guide to Rigid Container Leakage Testing Key Components of the ASTM D4991 Test: Immersion Fluid - To conduct this test, a solution of 50% ethylene glycol in water is recommended, as it is less likely to form bubbles at high vacuum levels, improving the accuracy and consistency of the test results. Preparation - The test method focuses on removing air dissolved in the immersion fluid by creating a vacuum of -950 millibars and maintaining it for 10 minutes. At [...]

DVACI LLC USA Vacuum Chamber Solutions for Packaging Leak Testing

DVACI LLC: Bringing High-Quality Vacuum Chamber Solutions to the US Market Introduction We are excited to announce the opening of DVACI LLC, a company dedicated to providing top-quality vacuum chamber solutions for packaging leak testing in the US market. With our headquarters in New Mexico, we aim to offer the best value and a seamless buying experience, focusing on exceptional customer satisfaction. Why DVACI LLC? DVACI LLC was established with the primary goal of serving the US market and [...]

Interpack from 04 to 10 May 2023 | Visitor | Düsseldorf – Germany

Join Us at Interpack – Exploring the Latest in Packaging Innovation Introduction We are excited to announce that our team will be attending the prestigious Interpack event, the world's largest and most important trade fair for the packaging sector and related process industries. This gathering, which takes place from 04 to 10 May 2023, promises to be an exceptional platform for networking, exploring the latest trends, and discussing innovative solutions in the packaging industry. A Global Gathering for Packaging Professionals [...]

Hidden Confidence: Vacuum Chamber Testing in Cosmetics

Unlocking the Secrets of Cosmetic Quality: Vacuum Chamber Testing Introduction When it comes to cosmetics, consumers demand quality and safety in the products they use. Behind the scenes, the cosmetics industry is hard at work ensuring that these demands are met through rigorous quality control measures. One lesser-known but critical aspect of this process is vacuum chamber testing, which adds an extra layer of confidence to cosmetic packaging. The Role of Vacuum Chamber Testing: [...]