Plastic Bottle Leak Testing | ASTM D5094 vs ASTM D3078

Once there was a PET bottle manufacturer which was doing leak testing... The test was simple. It consisted of laying down the bottles full of water and waiting 24 hours to detect any liquid drop. What if they detect a leakage? Do they need to stop all the production line? What about the bottles produced during the last 24 hours? Does this mean the whole production batch has a leaking issue? How should they proceed? 1. They need to inspect all the bottles produced during the [...]

“Force Decay Leak Tester” vs “Water Bath Vacuum Chamber”

In this video, we are comparing two different test methods: Force Decay and bubble leak testing both in CDV vacuum chamber. How much money can you save with non destructive leak testing? We can help you to control your packaging integrity. Force Decay Leak Testing with our CDV FORCE LEAK is a non destructive package test method under vacuum effect. Watch Video 📨👇🏻👇🏻✉️ ANY QUESTIONS? ✉️👇🏻👇🏻📨 Model: CDV Force Leak vs CDV 3 SVVI Brand: DVACI Company: BOUSTENS SA DE CV Made in Mexico 👇🏻 [...]