ASTM D4991: Ensuring Rigid Container Integrity for Safe and Secure Transportation

ASTM D4991 Explained: A Comprehensive Guide to Rigid Container Leakage Testing Key Components of the ASTM D4991 Test: Immersion Fluid - To conduct this test, a solution of 50% ethylene glycol in water is recommended, as it is less likely to form bubbles at high vacuum levels, improving the accuracy and consistency of the test results. Preparation - The test method focuses on removing air dissolved in the immersion fluid by creating a vacuum of -950 millibars and maintaining it for 10 minutes. At [...]

DVACI LLC USA Vacuum Chamber Solutions for Packaging Leak Testing

DVACI LLC: Bringing High-Quality Vacuum Chamber Solutions to the US Market Introduction We are excited to announce the opening of DVACI LLC, a company dedicated to providing top-quality vacuum chamber solutions for packaging leak testing in the US market. With our headquarters in New Mexico, we aim to offer the best value and a seamless buying experience, focusing on exceptional customer satisfaction. Why DVACI LLC? DVACI LLC was established with the primary goal of serving the US market and [...]

Interpack from 04 to 10 May 2023 | Visitor | Düsseldorf – Germany

Join Us at Interpack – Exploring the Latest in Packaging Innovation Introduction We are excited to announce that our team will be attending the prestigious Interpack event, the world's largest and most important trade fair for the packaging sector and related process industries. This gathering, which takes place from 04 to 10 May 2023, promises to be an exceptional platform for networking, exploring the latest trends, and discussing innovative solutions in the packaging industry. A Global Gathering for Packaging Professionals [...]

Hidden Confidence: Vacuum Chamber Testing in Cosmetics

Unlocking the Secrets of Cosmetic Quality: Vacuum Chamber Testing Introduction When it comes to cosmetics, consumers demand quality and safety in the products they use. Behind the scenes, the cosmetics industry is hard at work ensuring that these demands are met through rigorous quality control measures. One lesser-known but critical aspect of this process is vacuum chamber testing, which adds an extra layer of confidence to cosmetic packaging. The Role of Vacuum Chamber Testing: [...]

Precision Vial Filling with Advanced Vacuum Chamber Technology

Precision and accuracy are vital components of the pharmaceutical manufacturing process. With strict regulations and high demand for quality products, pharmaceutical companies must use cutting-edge technology to ensure the safe and consistent production of their medications. One such technology is the advanced vacuum chamber system used by our customers to fill glass vials with pharmaceutical products. What is Vacuum Chamber Technology? Vacuum chamber technology is a process that involves removing the air from a closed space. In the pharmaceutical industry, this technology is [...]

Plastic Bottle Leak Testing | ASTM D5094 vs ASTM D3078

Once there was a PET bottle manufacturer which was doing leak testing... The test was simple. It consisted of laying down the bottles full of water and waiting 24 hours to detect any liquid drop. What if they detect a leakage? Do they need to stop all the production line? What about the bottles produced during the last 24 hours? Does this mean the whole production batch has a leaking issue? How should they proceed? 1. They need to inspect all the bottles produced during [...]

“Force Decay Leak Tester” vs “Water Bath Vacuum Chamber”

In this video, we are comparing two different test methods: Force Decay and bubble leak testing both in CDV vacuum chamber. How much money can you save with non destructive leak testing? We can help you to control your packaging integrity. Force Decay Leak Testing with our CDV FORCE LEAK is a non destructive package test method under vacuum effect. Watch Video 📨👇🏻👇🏻✉️ ANY QUESTIONS? ✉️👇🏻👇🏻📨 Model: CDV Force Leak vs CDV 3 SVVI Brand: DVACI Company: BOUSTENS SA DE CV Made in Mexico 👇🏻 [...]

Hot stamped aluminum foil seal integrity testing

The purpose of this vacuum leak test in immersion tank was to prove the airtightness of the hot stamped aluminum foil on plastic containers. Leaking on aluminum foil can damaged outer packaging and waste your brand image. On the other hand, leaking packages allow product contamination which can cause potential health concerns for your consumers. Vacuum Chamber CDV is ideal for leak detection on aluminum foil to avoid leaked products to leave your processing plant. Watch Video 📨👇🏻👇🏻✉️ ANY QUESTIONS? ✉️👇🏻👇🏻📨 Model: CDV 2 AVVI Brand: DVACI Company: [...]