Analitica Latin America 2023: The Epicenter of Analytical Chemistry Innovation 🌐🔬


Join us from September 26th to 28th at the Analitica Latin America event in São Paulo, Brazil, where we’ll be at Booth D002. Discover how we’re revolutionizing packaging safety with our CDV Vacuum Chamber technology. We’ll showcase how our innovative solutions are setting new standards in hermeticity testing, ensuring the quality and safety of products in various industries. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect, learn, and witness the future of analytical chemistry in action. 🔬🌐

Safeguarding Quality: The Crucial Role of Packaging in Ensuring Safety

Join us at this year’s Analitica Latin America event in São Paulo, where we’re putting the spotlight on the pharmaceutical industry and others sectors. Discover how our CDV Vacuum Chamber is transforming quality assurance and safety standards. 🚀💊

Our CDV Vacuum Chamber plays a pivotal role in ensuring the integrity and hermeticity of laboratory packaging, guaranteeing the safety and efficacy of critical medications for example. 🧪💉

Throughout the event, we’ll delve deep into the impact of our technology on pharmaceutical manufacturing and others sectors. Explore live demonstrations and gain insights into how our innovation is revolutionizing the way laboratory products are safeguarded.

Don’t miss this opportunity to witness how analytical chemistry is shaping the future of pharmaceuticals. We’re dedicated to setting new industry standards for quality control and product safety. 🌐🏭

Expert Consultation and Demonstration

We are thrilled to announce that Lobov Científica will be your warm and knowledgeable hosts at the booth D002 during Analitica Latin America 2023 in São Paulo. As exclusive representatives, they will be there to greet you with expertise and enthusiasm.

Step into our booth and meet the experts from Lobov Científica who will introduce you to the incredible world of CDV Vacuum Chambers of DVACI. Their industry insights and passion for innovation will ensure that your visit is both informative and inspiring.

Join us for engaging discussions, live demonstrations, and a memorable experience as Lobov Científica guides you through the transformative power of CDV Vacuum Chambers. We look forward to welcoming you with open arms at the event! 🌐🤝

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Our aspiration is that you discover not just innovative products, but also a path to ensure the happiness and safety of your products and consumers. With our CDV Vacuum Chambers presented by Lobov Científica at Analitica Latin America 2023, we look forward to the possibility of forging a brighter, safer future in packaging together. 🤝🌟

Meet us at Booth D002, contact us for invitations!

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