Internal Pressurization Optional Kit

Inject compressed air for precise leak detection; includes needle kit, seal pads, and regulator for integrity tests.

The kit includes:

Which Control Module Best Suits Your Needs?

Manual pressure regulator (also available as an Pressure Only Control Module).

Automatic regulator through solenoid valve with 8 recipes that set pressure level and test time.

Electronic regulator through a variable solenoid valve with a dedicated app in Orion OS.

We recommend purchasing this optional pressurization kit:

  • When managing a wide range of product presentations, ideal for a development center.

  • For companies that package small products like sachets or doypacks with very little residual air in the headspace.

  • For Pharma sector companies that need to comply with the ASTM F2096 standard

  • For companies handling vacuum-packaged products like fish, meat, or cheeses.

Discover Our CDV and Learn About ASTM F2096 in This Video

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