DVACI’s Noteworthy Participation at FCE Pharma 2023: Showcasing CDV Vacuum Chambers at Lobov Científica‘s Booth

Expo Pharma Brazil 2023 Sao Paulo

Introduction and Event Participation

Greetings from São Paulo, Brazil! We at DVACI are thrilled to share the news of our participation at FCE Pharma, one of the largest and most influential trade shows for the pharmaceutical industry. From 13th to 15th June 2023, we invite you to join us at this exciting event, where we are proudly represented by our partner, Lobov Científica, at booth C098.

FCE Pharma serves as a hub for key industry leaders to share knowledge, experience, and showcase innovative solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. This year, we are taking the stage to exhibit our state-of-the-art CDV Vacuum Chambers designed explicitly for packaging leak testing

Highlights of the Event: Practical Demonstration of ASTM D6653

Our CDV Vacuum Chambers 🛠️🔬 stand at the forefront of technology to provide precise and efficient leak testing for packaging. They ensure your products are packed to perfection, keeping the integrity of the content intact and assuring safety during transportation, even in high-altitude conditions. This is pivotal for pharmaceutical products that demand stringent quality controls to safeguard patients’ health.

One of the highlights of our display will be the practical demonstration of ASTM D6653 methodology using our CDV Vacuum Chambers. This test method is crucial for determining the effects of high altitude on packaging systems using a vacuum method. 🏔️📈 The Chamber’s inbuilt ORION OS simplifies the testing process, calculating the necessary pressure for each test, providing an easy-to-use interface and logging the test outcomes for detailed record keeping.

An Invitation to the Attendees

What sets us apart at DVACI is our commitment to quality, precision, and ease of use. And at this year’s FCE Pharma, we will demonstrate these core values in action. We invite all attendees to experience our demonstrations, gain insights into our technology, and engage in stimulating discussions with our team and representatives from Lobov Científica.

If you’re attending FCE Pharma, be sure to visit us at booth C098, hosted by Lobov Científica. Let’s explore how our CDV Vacuum Chambers can elevate your packaging standards, ensuring product safety and integrity. 🚀

Vacuum Chamber CDV 4 for packaging integrity seal control and container leak testing PNG

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FCE Pharma offers us an excellent platform to connect with industry professionals and discuss how we can contribute to enhancing product safety standards in the pharmaceutical sector.

Stay tuned for more updates from the event, and we hope to see you there!

Meet us at FCE Pharma, São Paulo 2023!

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