Once there was a PET bottle manufacturer which was doing leak testing…

The test was simple. It consisted of laying down the bottles full of water and waiting 24 hours to detect any liquid drop.

What if they detect a leakage?

  • Do they need to stop all the production line?
  • What about the bottles produced during the last 24 hours?
  • Does this mean the whole production batch has a leaking issue?

How should they proceed?

1. They need to inspect all the bottles produced during the last 24 hours.

2. After the inspection, they need to decide if they keep the batch or they through it away.

Imagine if there is a way to reduce the testing time from 24 hours to 15 minutes…

…watch the following video

With our CDV Vacuum chamber,

Technicians can identify the source of the problem and find a solution, avoiding spoiled product, product recalls and costly down time trying to identify the source of a package failure.

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