How to control vacuum packed products that have very little or no air inside?

Optional Kit for Vacuum Packed Products

Needle: allows to inject pressurized air inside the packaging

Seal Pad: allows to protect the packaging during the test and to avoid leaking around the needle

Pressure Regulator: allows to set the pressure up to 1 bar (15 psi)

Clamp: allows to make sure the lid is closed during the test and that the sample is fully immerse.

This option is available with any of our control systems:

How can we solve this problem?

We need to inject pressurized air.

1. Connect the needle
2. Stick the seal pad
3. Insert needle through the pad
4. Place sample inside water bath.
5. Close the lid
6. Switch to pressure mode
7. Press START button
8. Wait and observe

Bubble = Leak

If you see any bubble coming out from the sample, that means there is a leak.

This testing method allows to determine the exact position of the leakage.

So you know which part of the packing process you have to focus to fix the problem.

ASTM F2096

This test method is compliant with ASTM F2096-11 Standard Test Method for Detecting Gross Leaks in Packaging by Internal Pressurization (Bubble Test)

ASTM F2096

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