This is one of the most frequent objections when following up on a project.

Our mission is to help companies to perform a better quality control of their products by offering leak test equipment with the objective of boosting consumer satisfaction.

It is very frustrating not to be able to provide help for a client who has a necessity, but the economic reality of this world crisis affects all of us sooner or later.

Considering this situation, we set out to innovate:

1- Rental

We want to offer our equipment for rent at an affordable price and limit the financial risk of an investment for our customers.

If you are interested, we invite you to contact us by adding “RENT” in the Subject line of the form.

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2- Low Cost

For customers who have a restricted budget, we have developed a low-priced, cost-effective, basic equipment that combines efficiency and quality (we will never offer low-quality products). All our equipment follows our same standards: easy to use, esthetic, safe, compact.

If you are interested, we invite you to contact us by putting “LOW COST” in the subject of the form.

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3- Non Destructive Testing

Constantly aiming to provide value to our customers, we have been working for almost 2 years on non-destructive and automatic leak testing equipment. This technology avoids throwing away samples after a test and returning the products to the production flow to be marketed, this benefit can justify a higher investment.

If you are interested in studying the possibility of acquiring a non-destructive leak test equipment, we invite you to contact us by specifying “NON DESTRUCTIVE” in the subject line of the form.

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DVACI is committed to stand by its customers, closely listening to the needs of the market in order to provide assistance and find solutions to every type of situation.