14 advantages of choosing our CDV Vacuum Chamber

1- Modern, ergonomic and compact design.

A smooth and transparent design combined with well thought-out architecture allows any operator to perform testing without the need to bend their body. Electronic components and a control board is located under the vacuum chamber and allows optimal space organization and configuration in the laboratory or on a line control table.

2- Automatic control

No matter, if you decide to buy the most economic version, you will always have a CDV Leak Detector built with automatic control and pressure regulation.

3- Speed draining (optional)

Thanks to a water pump accelerating the water draining flow, CDV Leak detector can be emptied quickly to improve draining time.

4- Easy opening cover

The cover comes with an arm or piston and allows the operator to manipulate the cover easily for placing samples into the chamber under perfect safety conditions.

5- Heavy-duty

Our products are designed for intensive testing usage, one test cycle per every ten minutes in a 24 hour span. We verify the quality of our equipment through automatic testing before it is shipped to its final destination.

6- No vacuum gauge on the cover

7- Cover mounted with four hinges

8- Built with international acclaimed brand components

DVACI CDV Easy opening cover

9- Vacuum pipe connected on the cover

Pneumatic connection on the cover allows air extraction from the chamber, boosting space in immersion tests and avoiding accidental water leak into the vacuum generator system.

10- Draining pipe connected on the bottom allowing for full drainage.

11- Rational Design

Intelligible design with control board in the front and power supply and drainage systems in the back.

12- Adjustable Base

Allows leveling and increases the stability of the equipment.

13- Rounded edges

The chamber has rounded edges that provide safety and are pleasant to the touch.

14- Graduated ruler

Allows easy visualization of fluid levels in immersion tests.